Snowing Christmas Ball For Wall Decoration

•Snowing •Lighting •Musical •Hanging Size:48.1*62*8.35 cm Material:PVC, Metal Different colours outside:Green Blue Red Golden

Product Details

Brief introduction:

•Snowing •Lighting •Musical •Hanging. 

Size:48.1*62*8.35 cm

Material:PVC, Metal

Flat round shape, can be hung on the wall as decoration.

Different colours and designs for choice.Accpet OEM.




Product description:

1.The snow fell in cycles, with lights and music

2.Equipped with a switch, can play eight Christmas music, snow and music separate control

3.The top and bottom are decorated with decorative plates with delicate decorative patterns

4.The interior has a variety of designs, snowman Santa Claus cars, etc., also accept custom

5.Various colors are available for your choice, such as red/gold, green/silver, blue/silver, white/grey, silver, bronze, etc.

6.With a hook to hang on the wall


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