A Detailed Introduction to Musical Christmas Snowing Wall Lamp

- Nov 13, 2018-

Musical Christmas Snow Wall Lamp is an auxiliary lighting decorative lamp installed on the indoor wall, usually with opalescent glass lampshade. The lamp power is more than 15-40 watts, Musical Christmas Snowing Wall Lamp light is elegant and harmonious, can decorate the environment elegant, rich, especially for the newly married living room. There are many kinds and styles of wall lamp, such as ceiling lamp, discolored wall lamp, bedside wall lamp, mirror front wall lamp, etc. 

Musical Christmas snow wall lamps are mostly installed on balconies, stairs, corridors and bedrooms, suitable for long-term lighting; color-changing wall lights are mostly used for festivals and festivals; most bedside wall lights are installed on the upper left side of the bedside, Musical Christmas Snowing Wall Lamp the lamp head can rotate in all directions, the beam is concentrated, easy to read; mirror front wall lights are mostly decorated near the bathroom mirror. 

The installation height of the wall lamp should be slightly higher than about 1.8 meters of the horizon. The illumination of music Christmas snow wall lamp should not be too high, so it is more artistic appeal. The choice of music Christmas snow wall lamp shade should be based on the wall color. White or cream-yellow wall should be light green and light blue lamp shade, Musical Christmas Snowing Wall Lamp lake green and sky blue wall, and milky white, light yellow and tea lamp shade. In this way, the large area of uniform background wall cloth should be decorated with a purposeful tone. Christmas snowwall lamp gives people a feeling of elegance and freshness. The wires connecting the music Christmas Snow Wall Lamp should be light-colored, so that they can be coated with the same paint as the wall color to keep the wall clean. In addition, you can first dig a small groove on the wall that is exactly embedded in the wire, insert the wire, fill it with lime, and then coat it with the same paint as the wall color. 

Lighting in the living room is no longer limited to the past "one room and one lamp". How to rationally match the pendant lamp, ceiling lamp, wall lamp, Musical Christmas Snowing Wall Lamp table lamp and floor lamp for floodlighting and special lighting to create comfortable and pleasant lighting space with different emotions has become the renewal requirement of the Romantic family. And the music Christmas snowwall lamp plays an increasingly important role in it.