Analysis of the Necessity of True and False Christmas Trees by Snowing Christmas Tree

- Oct 19, 2018-

In most Western countries, Christmas, the annual grand festival, is approaching. Just as Chinese people paste Spring Festival couplets and buy potted oranges in the New Year, activities to decorate Christmas trees are also in full swing. At this time, the purchase of Christmas trees has become a hot topic,Snowing Christmas Tree using real trees or man-made trees? 

Such controversy began in the 1950s when the first batch of artificial trees appeared on the market. Artificial Christmas trees are indeed more time-saving and labor-saving, and can be recycled. But as people pay more attention to environmental issues, consumers are also beginning to pay attention to the environmental protection of artificial trees from production to waste. 

Christmas trees have become an industry in which companies often open up large areas of land to specialize in planting Christmas trees. With forests, there is an ecological environment, which can become a habitat for wildlife and effectively control soil erosion. And according to Bill Uffield, Snowing Christmas Tree executive director of the Nature Conservation Society, only 10% of Christmas trees are sold each year. In addition, in terms of cost, in addition to the tree itself, proper processing and transportation will also be reflected in the price, at this point, the true tree and the false tree are actually similar. 

More importantly, fake trees must be used for 20 Christmas holidays to be more cost-effective than real trees, but according to the New York Nature Conservation Association, Snowing Christmas Tree the average family use of fake Christmas trees is only six years. In addition, Uffield said another little-known advantage: 15,000 Christmas tree farms in the United States provide more than 100,000 jobs a year. 

It turns out that... It seems that it is neither environmentally friendly nor cost-effective to buy fake trees cheaply. But if you buy real trees, new problems will arise. Do you have a place to raise real trees in your family? It seems that not many people have back gardens. In foreign countries, Snowing Christmas Tree there is a special business to recycle real Christmas trees, which can ensure that your trees will be used in the cause of environmental protection. But then, is that still a loss? So it's better to wait for Tree Planting Day to protect the environment. Buy a fake tree for Christmas and have fun!