Different Snowing Christmas Tree

- Mar 25, 2020-

Alsace, used to be the place where Christmas trees were grown.

According to legend, there was a hermit saint named Florentine, who lived in the middle of a forest at arsus and was very fond of children.

One Christmas, he wanted the children in the neighborhood to play happily together, but he was very poor and had no money to buy the children's favorite toys and candy, so he was worried about it.

One morning, when he was walking in the woods, he saw a little fir tree. It was full of snow, and there were many little strips of ice hanging from its branches.

He brought the tree back and planted it in the basin.

He gathered some wild fruit from the forest and made small cakes in the shape of crosses or stars with flour and hung them on the branches of the trees.

And with some small candles, stuck in the branches, the tree decorated colorful, very beautiful.

On Christmas Eve, the children heard him and ran to his hut. They danced around the tree and sang Christmas songs.Later, the custom spread.

In 1837, after the German princess Helen married a French duke, the Christmas tree also spread to Paris with her.In 1841, Victoria's husband, placed a Christmas tree in front of Windsor house.

The custom spread from the royal family to the aristocracy and then to the people.

In 1830, a large number of germans immigrated to the United States.They were Catholic and Christian, mostly scattered throughout New York and New England.Their Christmas tree caught the attention and imitation of the locals, and became popular in churches and homes across the United States.

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