Handmade Method of Snowing Christmas Ball

- Nov 20, 2018-

When Christmas comes, people are always busy with decorating their homes with festive atmosphere. They will buy more or less decorations such as Christmas trees, stockings and wreaths. Next, Snowing Christmas Ball I want to share with you a small handicraft transformation, the bought Christmas ball printed with handprints, painted with snowmen, make a unique style, very beautiful yo!        

Aluminum foil hand-made Christmas ball decoration method illustration, a simple Christmas crafts, can be completed in a few minutes, very suitable for preschool children. In addition to hands-on skills, Snowing Christmas Ball children can practice drawing lines! You need to be prepared: cardboard, aluminum foil, scissors, markers. First cut the shape of the Christmas ball from the cardboard. The easiest way is to put a bowl on cardboard and add a rectangle at the top. It's very simple!     

Tear off a piece of aluminum foil and use it to cover the cut cardboard. The top is a bit tricky. You can use scissors to cut a cut next to the top rectangle, and then fold up the foil. Take out the marker and let the children decorate the Christmas ball as they like. Draw straight lines, Snowing Christmas Ball wavy lines or Polka dots. Bright aluminium foil mixed with bright colors makes the Christmas ball look gorgeous! You can put it on a shelf to enjoy, or make several different gadgets, and connect them together to make decorative banners!       

It can be hung on the Christmas tree as decoration. The method is very simple. Cut out the disc from the color cardboard, fold it in half and paste it into the shape of the body. Cut out the disc first and fold it in half. Need to be prepared: colored cardboard with pattern, punch, glue, Snowing Christmas Ball rope. The folded cardboard is pasted onto an unfolded disc. First paste one side, then the other. Before pasting the final origami paper, knot the rope and place it in the middle. Then paste the last cardboard and make a beautiful Christmas ball!