Key Points of Outdoor Christmas Snowing street Lamp Components

- Nov 20, 2018-

Outdoor Christmas Snow Street Lamp provides lighting function for roads, refers to the lamps in the road lighting range of traffic lighting. Street lamps are widely used in various places where lighting is needed. Height determines the field of vision, Outdoor Christmas Snowing street Lamp so choosing a good height determines the field of vision of street lighting. Lighting installation height, the same street lighting installation height must be the same (luminous center to the ground height). 

Small bend lamp 1 meter lamp 5-6 meters ordinary street long arm lamp and pendant lamp 6.5-7.5 meters fast lane arc lamp not less than 8 meters slow lane arc lamp not less than 6.5 meters, special lamp type according to the design requirements, the outdoor Christmas snow street lamp height is equivalent to the width of the street to be illuminated. H L / 2 when illuminating on both sides only when illuminating on one side, Outdoor Christmas Snowing street Lamp where H: lamp installation height (m) L: road width (m). Lighting elevation street width and light distribution curve to determine the elevation of each street should be consistent. When the lamp head is adjustable, the center line of the light source should fall within L/3-1/2 of the road width. After installing the lamp body of the long arm lamp (or the arm lamp), the lamp head side should be raised 100 mm higher than the pole side. 

The elevation angle of special lamps should be determined according to the light distribution curve. Luminaires should be firm and correct, refuse to be loose and skewed. The outdoor Christmas snow street lamp shade should be intact and not broken. The enamel lamp umbrella is corroded and the deformer should be replaced. The reflective mirror of the lamp should be replaced if it fails. Reflectors of lamps and lanterns should not be damaged or deformed during transportation and installation. Lampshades should be glued, polished and bright. 

When the lampshade is broken and exposed to copper, it should be replaced. Lamps and lanterns can not be bent. All parts of the screws need to be tightened with spring eyeliner. Cast iron lamp head has cracks, falling blocks can not be used, no rubber unqualified. The lamp body hoop should be suitable for the pole, and the device should not be overly long. 

The transparent cover and reflector of outdoor Christmas street lamp body should be cleaned and wiped while overhauling, and those that cannot be cleaned at the scene should be replaced. The buckle ring of the transparent cover should be complete and easy to use, and reliable hook should be used to prevent the cover from falling off. Outdoor Christmas snow street lamps and lanterns dust-proof felt to be complete,Outdoor Christmas Snowing street Lamp  irregular to be repaired.

The lamp holder and the lamp tube flange must be matched with cracks and scars, complete screw, and the length of bolt should be able to penetrate the lamp holder flange. When a lamp is suitable for light bulbs of different specifications, the fixing point of the lamp mouth should be adjusted to the same position as the capacity of the lamp,Outdoor Christmas Snowing street Lamp  and the optimal light distribution curve can be obtained. All kinds of iron parts have no serious rust or cracks, scars and other conditions paint derusting should be derusting paint or galvanizing. Heat-resistant insulating pipes (asbestos or porcelain pipes) shall be used to protect the lamp head lead of closed lamps.