Maintenance of Snowing Lamp with Christmas Tree

- Oct 30, 2018-

Here we introduce how to maintain and maintain the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree here refers to the real tree. Artificial Christmas tree is not suitable for these methods and tips.  As soon as the tree gets home, it should be put into the water as soon as possible. 

The first water should be heated tap water, hot but not boiling. This will help remove sand and other dirt from trees. Most Christmas trees can stay fresh for 6 to 8 hours after cutting. Do not scratch or dirty the cutting surface. If you don't find the right place to put the Christmas tree, you can put it in the shade first and set it in a bucket full of water, away from the sun and wind. 

If the Christmas tree is placed indoors, Snowing Lamp with Christmas Tree it needs a container to hold water. In general, Snowing Lamp with Christmas Tree a quart of water is needed for every foot of the tree trunk. This is the most effective way to keep trees fresh. Keep the tree in a vertical "standing" position. In order to make the tree stand well, don't eliminate one side. The epidermis of trees keeps moisture well. Don't destroy the epidermis. Don't dehydrate trees. In the first week, remember to water the Christmas tree every day.

Christmas trees should be kept away from heat sources (fireplaces, heaters, thermal vents, direct sunlight). Lower temperatures can delay the loss of water. The tree lights of the Christmas tree are best made of diwatt bulbs. The branches of trees can be prevented from drying because of the high temperature of the light bulb. If conditions permit, Snowing Lamp with Christmas Treereplace those heating devices with new ones. Do not place candles on trees, and do not recommend putting candles on shrubs and paints. Keeping trees fresh is the hardest thing to do, and the way to keep trees fresh is to keep supplying enough water to the trees. 

Six to eight hours after the tree has been cut, it has not been put in place yet. In order to ensure the freshness of the tree, if you need to place it, first cut the bottom of the trunk about 0.2 feet thick,Snowing Lamp with Christmas Tree to keep the cut surface flat. The temperature of water supply will not affect the absorptivity of the number. Check the position of water supply every day to ensure that a certain amount of water is added every day. Drilling holes in the trunk can not improve the water absorption of trees. Turn off the tree lights before going to bed to reduce the loss of water in the Christmas tree. Do not smash Christmas trees in wooden stoves and fireplaces, which can lead to creosote accumulation. Find the nearest Christmas tree recycling company. Watch the freshness of the tree. If the tree has dried after Christmas, remove it from the room immediately.