Retrospective development of Snowing Cloche Lamp with Rotating Windmill

- Oct 08, 2018-

The pendant lamp refers to the high-grade decorative lighting which is suspended on the indoor ceiling. No matter hanging by wire or iron, chandeliers should not be too short to obstruct people's normal sight or make people feel dazzling. 

Crystal chandeliers are suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, restaurants, Snowing Cloche Lamp with Rotating Windmill corridors, hotels and other lobbies. 

The most patterns of chandeliers are European chandeliers, Chinese chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, parchment chandeliers, fashion chandeliers, tapered chandeliers, pointed flat chandeliers, waist chandeliers, five-forked ball chandeliers, Magnolia chandeliers, Rugby chandeliers and so on. There are two kinds of single-headed and multi-headed chandeliers for living rooms. The former is mostly used in bedrooms and dining rooms, Snowing Cloche Lamp with Rotating Windmill while the latter is suitable for living rooms. The installation height of the pendant lamp should be no less than 2.2 meters from the ground. 

The classical European crystal chandeliers were inspired by the candlestick lighting of ancient people, who placed several candles on the hanging iron art. Nowadays, many chandeliers are designed in this style, Snowing Cloche Lamp with Rotating Windmill only candles are changed into bulbs, but the bulbs and lamp holders are still like candles and candleholders. Most people may not want to decorate into European classical style. Modern style chandeliers are often more popular. There are many modern style chandeliers on the market, so there is a lot of room for selection, and all kinds of lines can be selected. 

European chandeliers are inspired by Candlestick lighting in ancient times, while Chinese chandeliers are inspired by Chinese ancient lanterns. European chandeliers have a sense of hierarchy and rationalism. And Chinese chandeliers continue the traditional Chinese style, Snowing Cloche Lamp with Rotating Windmill the shape is relatively simple, generally elliptical, such as ancient lanterns, or square shape such as ancient palace lanterns. 

European chandeliers emphasize gorgeousness and luxury, while Chinese chandeliers emphasize their culture, symmetry and rectitude. European-style chandeliers are magnificent and magnificent, Snowing Cloche Lamp with Rotating Windmill mainly in the more gorgeous and noble places. The artistic atmosphere of Chinese chandeliers is relatively strong, which generally occurs in areas with strong national customs and cultural and artistic atmosphere. And it does not conflict, depending on personal preferences.