Selection and maintenance of Snowing Cloche Lamp with Rotating Windmill

- Oct 09, 2018-

There are ways to choose chandeliers: hanging height, lampshade, material and form of lamp ball should be carefully selected to avoid causing uncomfortable glare. 

The height of the pendant lamp should be appropriate, Snowing Cloche Lamp with Rotating Windmill generally about 55 - 60 cm away from the desktop, and the lamps and lanterns that can rise and fall freely should be selected in order to facilitate the adjustment and selection of the height. Like the plastic material of the beige Pendant lamp, the shape is natural without carving, arbitrary, and the spiral shape of the lampshade can be adjusted at will. 

Maintenance and cleaning of chandeliers: generally beautiful chandeliers usually have more complex shapes and lampshades. If they are wet and dusty, they are easy to rust and paint off. The lampshades are getting dimmer and dimmer because of the dust. If they are not handled,Snowing Cloche Lamp with Rotating Windmill  they will decrease by about 30% in an average year. Within a few years, the chandeliers will be dim and dull. In addition, the hook of the chandelier is also very important,Snowing Cloche Lamp with Rotating Windmill it must be able to bear 6 to 8 times the weight, otherwise there will be the danger of dropping the chandelier and injuring people. 

Lamps should not be washed with water, as long as they are wiped with a dry cloth dipped in water. If they touch water carelessly, they should also be wiped as far as possible. Do not wipe them with a wet cloth immediately after turning on the lamp, because the bulb is easy to burst when it meets water at high temperature. In addition, Snowing Cloche Lamp with Rotating Windmill the chandelier must not be placed in a damp house to use, it will easily make the chandelier off. And check it regularly and irregularly. The suspender can be used directly out of the roof and with casing. The method of adding pipe is conducive to installation, Snowing Cloche Lamp with Rotating Windmill and can ensure the integrity of roof panel. Only drilling holes in the location where pipe outlet is needed can be done. The hanging cup directly out of the ceiling is not easy to find the right hole in the plate surface when it is installed. Sometimes the method of installing the suspender first and then digging holes in the section plate may be adopted, but it has an impact on the decorative effect. 

Bright and comfortable light contributes to the pleasure of the atmosphere in which we live. Visual relaxation relieves the burden on our eyes and can meet other needs in different situations and times. Therefore, Snowing Cloche Lamp with Rotating Windmill the lighting in the living room has certain skill in choosing and matching.