Snowing christmas tree

- Aug 05, 2019-


A Christmas tree is a green tree decorated with candles and ornaments by fir or larch. As one of the important elements of Christmas, the modern Christmas tree originated in Germany, and gradually became popular throughout the world, becoming one of the most famous traditions in the celebration of Christmas.


There are many legends about the origin of the Christmas tree. Some legends of the messenger of god in the form of a little boy, after being treated in a poor family. He inserted a branchin the ground,grow into a Christmas tree full of gifts. It is also said that the Christmas tree is the tree that protects the virgin Mary from the wind and snow. In fact, the Christmas tree to meet several conditions: pine and cypress, evergreen, in central Europe distribution, tree shape to appear in a triangle. The tree that met these conditions, can be used as "Christmas tree" actually.


The world's most used as a Christmas tree tree, is the pine fir more than a dozen species of trees, among which the European fir is regarded as the most traditional Christmas tree. Firs are the most popular Christmas tree species, not only because of  their pleasing color and smell, but also because their leaves don't fall off easily even after they are cut and dried.


Spruce is a major producer of Christmas trees, especially Norway spruce, easy to grow, cheap, is a very common tree species. Spruce and fir are very similar, with tower - shaped trees and stripy leaves. However, spruce cones are usually droopy, while fir cones are more upright.


We want to restore the xmas tree,make it durable and has a holiday atmosphere. Leaves are made of PVC to make it like a real tree.The design of snow makes the tree more romantic. It can bring warmth on Christmas night. With the soft music, I hope you can feel happier on Christmas night.The product needs to be assembled by yourself. Simple DIY will bring you fun. Take it home! Bring a new experience to you and your family.