Snowing Christmas Tree shows you the taboos of Christmas

- Oct 22, 2018-

If you are a Buddhist, try not to enter the church to participate in some things in the church, Snowing Christmas Tree because ordinary Christians will taboo idols other than God. Gifts to Christians should be given without the presence of other religious gods or totems worshipped by other peoples. Don't give gloves for Christmas gifts. Giving gloves represents provocation. Don't give yellow gifts either. Yellow symbolizes disloyalty abroad. But prefer blue, Snowing Christmas Tree in their eyes blue represents friendship. 

Don't eat bloody food on Christmas Day. If you eat with Christians, you must wait until the prayer is over before you pull up the utensils. Christians taboo 13 or Friday, especially the same day as Friday, they will think that this day is extremely unknown, so if you want to treat, remember to avoid this day. Greeting Christians can be said: peace in the Lord, Jesus Ali, the Lord with you, peace to you, and so on. Christians are required to eat only vegetarian dishes and no other meat on Fridays and Dec. 24. Catholics eat only one meal on Good Friday and the day before Christmas. 

British people pay attention to eating at Christmas, including roast pigs, turkey, Christmas pudding, Christmas minced meat pie and so on. Every family has gifts, and every servant has gifts. All gifts are sent on Christmas morning. Some Christmas singers sing good news door by door. They will be invited into the house by their owners, Snowing Christmas Tree entertained with refreshments, or give small gifts. 

Because the United States is a country of many nationalities, the situation of Americans celebrating Christmas is also the most complex. Immigrants from all countries still follow the customs of their motherland. But at Christmas, Americans wear garlands outside their doors and other fancy decorations are the same. 

The average adult in France almost goes to church to attend midnight mass on Christmas Eve. After that, the family went to the home of the oldest married brother or sister to have dinner together. This gathering is to discuss important matters at home, but in case of family disharmony, Snowing Christmas Tree and then the former suspicions are cleared up. Everyone wants to be as good as before, so Christmas is a kind day in France. 

Spanish children put their shoes outside the door or window to receive Christmas gifts. In many cities there are gifts for the most beautiful children. Cattle were also well treated that day. It is said that at the time of Jesus'birth, a cow breathed at him to warm him. 

Every Italian family has model scenes of the story of the birth of Jesus. On Christmas Eve, families get together for a big meal and attend Christmas Mass at midnight. After that, Snowing Christmas Tree they went to visit relatives and friends. Only children and the elderly received gifts. At Christmas,Snowing Christmas Tree Italians have a very good custom. Children write compositions or poems to express their gratitude to their parents for their upbringing over the past year. Their works were hidden in napkins, under dishes or tablecloths before Christmas dinner, and their parents pretended to be invisible. After they had eaten the big meal, they took it back and read it to everyone.