Snowing Christmas Tree teaches you how to have a beautiful Christmas tree

- Oct 11, 2018-

The idea of hanging upside-down Christmas trees appears to be very creative. The idea of a rotating Christmas tree hanging upside-down on the ceiling or installing a chassis on the top of the tree and standing upside-down on the ground is highly appreciated. There are also some historical precedents for hanging the whole tree from the ceiling. In Bernd Brenner's book Invention of the Christmas Tree, Snowing Christmas Tree there is an illustration of a Christmas tree hanging in the 19th century. 

Brenner explained that there was not enough room on the ground for a small tree in the small rooms of the lower classes at that time. With the use of space, Snowing Christmas Tree hanging trees may emerge as the times require. Brenner also mentions that trees are occasionally hung upside down to protect families, but this seems not to be common. Today, businesses sell inverted Christmas trees for the same purpose as Europeans in the 19th century. That is to save space. 

This idea is still spreading, and some businesses build giant Christmas trees hanging upside down in the mall atrium. The demand for Christmas trees in western countries is too large and higher, so artificial Christmas trees have replaced natural pine and cypress Christmas trees and become more and more popular. At present, Snowing Christmas Tree there are mainly two kinds of materials to make artificial Christmas tree, one is PVC material to make PVC leaves, the other is PE material to make PE leaves. 

Firstly, take out the foot of the Christmas tree and fix it with screw, and put it on the ground smoothly. The Christmas tree under 1.2 meters usually uses plastic foot, three forks are fixed well. Most of the Christmas trees above 1.2 meters use clothes hanger folding iron foot. Open the clothes hanger frame, insert the bottom part of the tree head into the foot of the tree, Snowing Christmas Tree and tighten the fixing screw. Spread out the branches and leaves evenly. The protruding stem of the middle part of the tree body is inserted into the socket hole at the top of the fixed tree head. After connecting, it rotates tightly to make the connection between the two parts more firm, and then the branches and leaves of the tree body are evenly opened. 

Insert the uppermost trunk of the tree into the holes in the upper part of the fixed tree body. The holes are usually square, different from the holes in the bottom, and then open the top branches and leaves evenly. When assembled, the branches and leaves have been opened outwards, but this is not enough, Snowing Christmas Tree and more careful tidying of the branches and leaves is needed. Because the trees are packed in cartons, the leaves will be compressed and compressed, and need to be reorganized to make the branches and leaves stretch naturally and make people feel comfortable. When arranging branches and leaves, they can be arranged according to their preferences. Generally,Snowing Christmas Tree the common way is to cross up and down, slightly upward, with a thriving feeling.