Snowing Christmas Tree tells you why stockings are hung for Christmas.

- Oct 19, 2018-

Christmas tree customization manufacturers want to tell you that Christmas stockings may not be so popular in China, but Christmas stockings are an indispensable custom of Christmas in Europe and the United States. On Christmas Eve, Snowing Christmas Tree every child will put a pair of Christmas stockings on his bed, and when he wakes up the next day,Snowing Christmas Tree  he will receive Christmas gifts. It used to be a pair of big red socks. Most of them were OK, because Christmas socks were used for gifts. So how did the custom of hanging Christmas stockings come about at Christmas? The Christmas Tree Customizer tells you a moving story. 

Long, long ago, there was a kind-hearted nobleman whose wife died of illness, leaving him and his three daughters behind. The nobleman tried many inventions and failed, but they ran out of money, so they had to move to a farmhouse to live, and his daughters had to cook, sew and clean themselves. A few years later, the daughters were getting married, but the father became more depressed because he had no money to buy dowry for his daughters. 

One night, after washing their clothes, the daughters hung their stockings in front of the fireplace to dry. Saint Nicholas, knowing their father's condition, Snowing Christmas Tree came to their house that night. He saw through the window that the family had fallen asleep, and he also noticed the girls'stockings. Then he took three small bags of gold from his pocket and threw them one by one from the chimney, just in the girls'stockings. The next morning, the daughters woke up and found that their stockings were full of gold, enough for them to buy dowry. 

The nobleman was able to see his daughters get married and live happily ever after. Later,Snowing Christmas Tree  children around the world inherited the tradition of hanging Christmas stockings. This is the custom of hanging socks for Christmas, which is summarized by the custom manufacturers of Christmas trees.