Snowing Lamp gives you a better understanding of the techniques of decorating Christmas trees

- Nov 14, 2018-

Christmas tree is absolutely indispensable, whether in the East or in the West, people are used to Christmas tree, in order to add a festive atmosphere, the development of the market has made the style of Christmas tree strange, because of the transport relationship, Christmas tree is sold in boxes, Christmas Snowing Lamp so consumers buy it and assemble it themselves, just like toys, if not assembled. It also makes the Christmas tree less vigorous, so how to assemble the Christmas tree? Let the Christmas tree manufacturers teach you how to decorate the tree. 

Most American families in Christmas tree factories are accustomed to erecting Christmas trees immediately after Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday in November) until after New Year's Day. Some American families don't start erecting Christmas trees until the second week of December, Christmas Snowing Lamp and Christmas lasts until January 6 (Epiphany). 

Common Christmas trees are made of PVC feathers wrapped around metal brackets, and smaller artificial Christmas trees are sometimes attached with base truncated from logs. The size of ornaments on tables ranges from 5 cm high to 200 cm large trees. In recent years, a kind of "fiber Christmas tree" has become more popular, Christmas Snowing Lamp which can change different colors as long as the power supply is connected. 

If it's a large Christmas tree, it usually bundles the whole trunk first for easy handling, and then it's bought and loosened. Large Christmas trees are evergreen trees decorated with candles and ornaments. As one of the most important elements of Christmas, modern Christmas trees originated in Germany and gradually became popular around the world, Christmas Snowing Lamp becoming one of the most famous traditions of Christmas celebration. Attention should be paid to fully stretching the branches to make them look vigorous, but don't arrange them too neatly so as to keep a little natural shape. 

Next, tie up the small jewelry, then choose a more bright jewelry, to draw the finishing touches. Usually, the golden Pentagon star is commonly used, and you can put a delicate Santa Claus doll. There are various legends and stories about the origin of decorating Christmas trees. Some legends have it that the angel of God is a little boy who, after being entertained by a poor family, puts a branch on the ground and grows into a Christmas tree full of gifts. Others have it that the Christmas tree is the tree that shelters the Virgin Mary from the wind and snow. Here, Christmas tree manufacturers also remind you that if you want to add automatic lights, Christmas Snowing Lamp you should also pay attention to whether the power cord is long enough, whether the wires have avoided walking lines, whether the fixing of each light line is firm, and pay special attention to whether the voltage is enough.