Some Cold Knowledge of Christmas Mini LED Street Lamp

- Nov 14, 2018-

LED light strings are mainly used in festival decoration and Christmas decoration. They are waterproof and can be directly put into water. Most American families in Christmas tree factories are accustomed to erecting Christmas trees immediately after Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday in November) until after New Year's Day. 

Some American families don't start erecting Christmas trees until the second week of December, Christmas Mini LED Street Lamp and Christmas lasts until January 6 (Epiphany). According to the Christmas custom, the first Christmas tree was a small palm tree on the roadside of Baileng (now Bethlehem, Israel). 

On the first night of Jesus'birth, the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph were very tired when they came to the White Cold City. The Virgin Mary rested under the tree for a while. The little palm tree, Christmas Mini LED Street Lamp like a beloved one, unfolded its branches to protect the Virgin Mary from the cold wind. It was in the middle of the night that Jesus Christ was born. 

At this time, a very bright star appeared in the sky, emitting a wonderful light, directly on the head of the small palm tree, and circled into a beautiful circle. Since then, the small palm trees have occupied a glorious place in Christmas. The main features of the product are: waterproof, environmental protection, low temperature,Christmas Mini LED Street Lamp  low bottom voltage, long service life, wide application range, lamp string can be woven into a variety of model lamp string and various difficult crafts. 

Bead color: red, yellow, green, blue, white, warm white, purple, pink, RGB and seven colors, while the seven-color lamp string has constant light, flicker change, wavy change, continuous change, Christmas Mini LED Street Lamp flash change, slow flash change, flow change, gradually dimmed change, dreamlike colors and other forms of change, very beautiful. 

Most custom-made Christmas trees are small palm trees or pines four or five feet tall, planted in large flower pots, covered with small colorful candles or lights, and hung with various decorations and ribbons, Christmas Mini LED Street Lamp as well as children's toys and gifts from families. After decoration, put it in the corner of the living room. If placed in churches, auditoriums, or public places, the Christmas tree is taller, and gifts can be placed below the tree.