What should we do with the Snowing Lamp with Christmas Tree after the holidays?

- Oct 11, 2018-

Spruce used candles and ornaments to decorate fir or pine evergreen trees, so a "Christmas tree" was born. The tradition of decorating Christmas trees comes from modern Germany. Because firs are evergreen all the year round, Snowing Lamp with Christmas Tree this evergreen tree means that Christians who believe in Christ are given eternal life.

The sharp treetops point to heaven. The star on the top of the tree represents the special star that guides the wise to visit Jesus in Bethlehem. The glory of the stars means Christ, who brings darkness to the world. Traditionally, Snowing Lamp with Christmas Tree Christmas trees are not decorated until safe night (December 24) and then removed after 12 nights (January 6). It is considered unlucky to advance and postpone this date. 

In the United States, every year after Christmas lodging, there will be special volunteers to remind residents that if you have a Christmas tree in your home, please put it in the designated place at the designated time. When residents place Christmas trees in designated locations, recycling companies will recycle them. In fact, Snowing Lamp with Christmas Tree this is what the environmental protection department of the country needs to manage, so recycling is also carried out by the national department, which has lasted for 29 years in the United States. 

What are these recycled Christmas trees for? They are shredded and handed over to nearby parks or urban greening departments as organic mulches or compost. Not only does it not waste, Snowing Lamp with Christmas Tree but it also protects the environment and improves the quality of air and soil. Of course, in China, many people buy Plastic Christmas trees, few people use real trees as Christmas trees, so there will be no such situation in China that requires large-scale recycling.