Do You Know All These Customs Of Snowing Musical LED Lantern Prelit Christmas Decoration?

- Sep 14, 2018-

It is said that the custom of Christmas trees originated in Germany and became popular later. Generally, pine, fir and cypress trees can be used as Christmas trees. Traditionally, it is believed that Christmas trees will be erected on the 24th and removed on January 6th, Snowing Musical LED Lantern Prelit Christmas Decorationbut recently many businesses will prepare in advance. The triangular shape of the Christmas tree also implies the Christian "Trinity". At the top of the tree, there must be a star, which symbolizes the star that guides the doctor to Bethlehem. Only the head of the family can hang it. The Christmas tree also refers to the tree of life in the Garden of Eden. Christmas tree-related festival decorations include pentagrams, candles, snowflakes, light-emitting lanterns, bells, Christmas cards, toys, angel statues, candy canes,Snowing Musical LED Lantern Prelit Christmas Decoration pines, Snowing Musical LED Lantern Prelit Christmas Decorationbanners, ribbons, color balls, holly, ivy, mistletoe and so on. 

Christmas wreaths have a special meaning in the western world. They are usually composed of flowers, leaves, fruits or twigs, and usually have candles, bows or other decorations on them. The circular wreath has a special religious meaning, usually hanging in the doorway or window position. The plants used to make the Christmas wreath are holly (usually European holly), ivy, mistletoe and poinsettia, all evergreen plants, which have different meanings in Western culture. It's also a Christmas custom for anyone to kiss a girl under a mistletoe branch. 

Christmas is a time for family reunion. Different countries and regions have different Christmas feasts. They usually have turkey, goose, fish, pudding, tree cakes,Snowing Musical LED Lantern Prelit Christmas Decoration pies, candies and so on. People used to enjoy family Christmas dinner at home and hold dances, but now they are also keen to enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas outside.