Growth Habits And Pest Control Of Table Snowing Christmas Tree With Umbrella Base

- Aug 21, 2018-

Evergreen trees, up to 15 meters in height; even double pinnate compound leaves, with 5-20 pairs of pinnates, linear leaflets, gray-green, with dark white short down. Headlike inflorescences forming axillary racemes;Table Snowing Christmas Tree with Umbrella Base yellow flowers. Pods are long, flat, reddish-brown. Ornamental characteristics: broad crown, beautiful flowers; can be used as a shade tree. 

Under normal conditions, the average annual growth of tree height and diameter was more than 1 cm in 10 years. The canopy of strongly positive tree species has phototaxis and needs sufficient light at young age. Suitable for cool and humid subtropical climate, Table Snowing Christmas Tree with Umbrella Base can withstand extreme minimum temperature generally does not exceed - 7 degrees Celsius, cold resistance is better than black wattle and other tree species. The requirements for soil are not strict, suitable for deep, loose, wet acidic to slightly acidic loam or sandy loam, but poor growth in heavy, dry and poorly drained soil. It has strong drought tolerance, but the middle and lower slopes or valleys grow better. 

1. Anthrax: It usually occurs in June to September. In the early stage, needle-sized brown spots appeared on the dried seedlings, and then the whole plant withered and died. Prevention and treatment methods: 1. Burning the diseased plants. (2) Spraying 65% Daissen Zinc 600 times solution or Daissen ammonium, Carbendazim and other medicinal liquid to prevent and cure the disease. 2. Standing blight: The disease spots circle around the base of the seedlings and cause death. Spray 1% Bordeaux or 50% Bacteriostasis 1000 times. 3. Black grasshoppers, scarabs, Table Snowing Christmas Tree with Umbrella Base butterfly moths, leaf beetles, insects eat branches and leaves; black grasshoppers lay eggs in the branches and make them wither. Control methods: 1. Cut off the oviposition branches of burnt black grasshoppers. (2) Spray 90% trichlorfon 800 times liquid. 4. Gummosis: gummosis caused by injury. Prevention and control methods: Do a good job of pest and disease control, keep short piles when tending and pruning woodland, reduce mechanical damage.