Musical Snowing Christmas Tree With Santa Close To Christmas Culture In Different Regions Of The World

- Aug 29, 2018-

In central and Northern Germany, Nicholas is known as Santa Claus. Santa Claus in Germany also carries an assistant with a large bag of gifts on his shoulder and a stick in his hand. A good boy may receive his gift,Musical Snowing Christmas Tree with Santa but a naughty child will teach him some sticks.

A similar image of Santa Claus in France is Pre Noel, who is almost exactly the same as Santa Claus, whose red and white clothes inspired Coca-Cola. Santa Claus used to be an elf, Musical Snowing Christmas Tree with Santatall and thin in animal skins. In 1931, Coca-Cola asked Swedish designers to reshape the image of Santa Claus. He is tall and fat, always smiling, the most important thing is that the cotton-padded jacket he wears is always Coca-Cola Red. This attracts customers who they have been trying to attract, children under 12 years old. So Santa Claus, as we all know, has been advertising Coca-Cola for 78 years. 

Santa Claus in Britain is also called the father of Christmas as in France. His image is more solemn and thinner than other Santas.

The image and name came from Dutch legend and was brought into New York by immigrants in the 17th century. In Dutch legend, Santa Claus also brought an assistant. In North America, Santa Claus comes to give gifts to children on a sleigh pulled by reindeer. In early 1773, "Santa Claus" appeared in American newspapers. It was the first time that Washington Irving, the best-selling American writer, introduced the Dutch version of Nicholas as as an American. According to New York's historical records, Musical Snowing Christmas Tree with SantaNicholas's arrival on horseback (without Black Pitt's company) is described.In the tradition of British Americans, Santa Claus always arrives happily on the sleigh pulled by reindeer on Christmas Eve. He climbs into the house from the chimney, leaves gifts for the children and eats the food left for him by the children. He spent the rest of the year busy making gifts and monitoring children's behavior.        

In Icelandic legend, Santa Claus is not only one, but a total of 13 Santas, each with different personalities, some playful, some kind and gentle. Scandinavian Christmas; Scandinavian legend tells the history of Santa Claus and his assistant Elf Gate. Santa Claus in China,Musical Snowing Christmas Tree with Santa whose image is closely related to business activities, was introduced into China by Coca-Cola Company as a promotional means after the reform and opening up in the 1980s.