Musical Snowing Christmas Tree With Santa Tell You The History Of Santa Claus

- Aug 23, 2018-

Santa Claus, a mysterious figure who quietly presents gifts to children on Christmas Eve, is one of the representative roles of the festival theme. He is generally regarded as the derivative image of Saint Nicholas, the saint of Christianity. Legend has it that every night on December 24, Musical Snowing Christmas Tree with Santaa mysterious man would fly in a sleigh pulled by nine reindeer, Musical Snowing Christmas Tree with Santago door to door from the chimney into the house, and then secretly put gifts in the socks of good children's beds, or pile them under the Christmas tree beside the fireplace. He spent the rest of the year busy making gifts and monitoring children's behavior. 

Although no one has ever really seen a mysterious man,Musical Snowing Christmas Tree with Santa people dress up as him to give gifts to their children. He is usually described as an old man with a red hat, a big white beard, a red cotton-padded jacket, red boots on his feet, and a big bag containing gifts. He is customarily called "Santa Claus" because he always presents gifts on Christmas Eve. 

Santa Claus originated from the Christian saints'allusions in Europe. He has nine reindeer with different names. The biggest worry is that there are fewer and fewer houses to climb the chimney. Parents usually explain to their children that the gifts they receive at Christmas are from Santa Claus. Santa Claus derives from St. Nicholas the concept of a gift from a mysterious figure to children. Nicholas was a charitable bishop living in Asia Minor in the 4th century. The Dutch imitated his gifts on St. Nicholas Day (6 December). 

Christmas surpasses New Year's by a large margin and becomes a national holiday. Santa Claus has become the most popular symbol and tradition of Christmas. The image of a happy old elf driving reindeer,Musical Snowing Christmas Tree with Santa pulling sledges full of toys and gifts to give gifts to every child from door to door has been deeply in people's memory. Every year near Christmas, Musical Snowing Christmas Tree with Santathere are always letters from children (who believe in Santa Claus) to Santa Claus, such as telling them what they want to receive for Christmas. In some countries, in order to avoid disappointing them, some people respond to these letters.