Snowing Musical LED Lantern Prelit Christmas Decoration Decoration Tells You How To Dress Up Your House

- Sep 11, 2018-

Pull a bunch of lights on the tree. White or colored lights on Christmas trees are very beautiful during the holidays. Small white lights are often used, but you can also buy white, blue, red or multi-color lights to hang on trees. You start winding at the bottom of the tree, Snowing Musical LED Lantern Prelit Christmas Decorationleaving one end of the lamp string long enough to plug into the nearest power supply. Wrap the lamp spirally around the tree. The other end of the lamp is rolled up on the branch at the top of the tree. Dress up with some ornaments. Use dough, buttons and crystal as your personality ornaments. You can also go to the store to buy some classic Christmas balls and ball ornaments to dress up. You should put the ornaments evenly on the tree, not in a big blank space with nothing. 

Put a big hat on the top of the tree. Traditionally, a big star is placed on the top of the tree, representing the star of David and leading the three doctors to find the newly born Jesus. You can also arrange an angel on the top of the tree, Snowing Musical LED Lantern Prelit Christmas Decorationsnow or something else. Decoration at the bottom of the tree. You can use white cloth to surround the tree and sprinkle it with white flashes that look like fresh snow. Throughout the Christmas holidays, you can put presents under trees. 

Hang stockings. Pull stockings purchased or handmade from a store through the fireplace from one part of the house to the Christmas tree. Use red or green ribbons or strings to hang socks. Everyone in the family should have their own socks. Don't forget the mistletoe. You can find a little fresh mistletoe in your nursery, either on the broad-leaved trees in your home or your neighbor's backyard, Snowing Musical LED Lantern Prelit Christmas Decorationor buy an artificial mistletoe plant to hang at the door. To hang on the small hook at the door between the two rooms, the hook should be tied with a small red rope, so as to have a more festive atmosphere. And encourage those who find themselves standing right under the mistletoe to kiss each other on the cheek. 

The door was decorated with Christmas wreaths. Buy a fresh holly or a good-smelling evergreen and hang it outside the door. Do it yourself. The wreath can make your home look more hospitable and show the strong Christmas atmosphere to the passers-by. If you want the wreath to last longer, Snowing Musical LED Lantern Prelit Christmas Decorationyou can use felt products or pine balls instead of fresh green plants. If you buy wire or plastic, you can use it for years.