Strict Production Standard Of Our Christmas Snowing Lamp

- Oct 16, 2018-

Christmas is a very important festival in the West. The happy atmosphere in the festival is always lit by a flash of Christmas lights. The square, shops and even the Christmas trees of every household are covered with colorful light strings, lighting up the winter at the end of the year. Of course, Christmas Snowing Lamp for a quiet and peaceful traditional festival full of warmth and hope, the most important thing is safety, so the fire prevention and electrical safety of Christmas lights is particularly critical. 

Because of the potential safety hazards such as fire and electric shock, many countries have strict requirements on the quality and safety of decorative lamps and lanterns. When purchasing, consumers will also choose products that have been tested and certified by third-party organizations and have authoritative certification marks to use safely. 

The standard of Christmas lighting has risen to the national standard, Christmas Snowing Lamp so the Christmas products sold basically need to be certified before they can be generally accepted by consumers, retailers and government states and counties. As a big manufacturing country in the world, China naturally delivers most of its Christmas products to the market every year. As a manufacturer, it also needs UL certification before it can sell Christmas lights to the market. 

The inspection of Christmas lights is divided into product structure inspection, Christmas Snowing Lamp product testing, monitoring the inspection and testing of the factory itself, sampling inspection. Our inspectors will inspect the incoming materials, labeling and structural conformity of the products.Christmas Snowing Lamp Lifting test, Christmas Snowing Lamp high pressure test, lighting test and combustion test are carried out on the samples sampled on site. Check the inspection records of factories in normal production. Samples are regularly sampled and sent to the laboratory for full project testing. That is to enable consumers to use safe and secure Christmas lights, spend a happy Christmas!