Table Snowing Christmas Tree With Umbrella Base Tells You The Choice Of Christmas Tree Species.

- Aug 14, 2018-

Pines are the generic names of Pinaceae, Cedariaceae, Cedariaceae and Cedariaceae in the phylum Pinaceae of gymnosperm. Most of the cypress trees are not triangular towers and are rarely used as Christmas trees. At the same time, the Cunninghamia trees are native to the Southern Hemisphere (except New Zealand and Australia in the Southern Hemisphere), Table Snowing Christmas Tree with Umbrella Baseusually only used as Christmas trees in the Southern Hemisphere, Table Snowing Christmas Tree with Umbrella Baseand rarely used as Christmas trees in other areas. In Pinaceae and Cunninghamia, Table Snowing Christmas Tree with Umbrella Basethe species of Pinaceae are Cunninghamiaceae. More than ten times as many, so Pinaceae plants are often used as Christmas trees. 

More than ten species of Abies in Pinaceae are the most widely used Christmas trees in the world. They are the most popular Christmas tree species because of their beautiful shape, pleasant color and odor, and their leaves are not easy to take off after cutting and drying. Among them, Table Snowing Christmas Tree with Umbrella Basethe European fir (also known as fir and white fir) is regarded as the most traditional Christmas tree. Spruce, like fir, has tower-shaped trees and strip-shaped hard leaves, and is also one of the main Christmas tree species. Among them, Norwegian spruce, because of its easy planting and low price, is a very common member of the genus Pinus, such as Pinus koraiensis, Pinus asparagus, and other pine species, which will also be selected as Christmas tree species in some areas. But compared with fir and spruce, the dosage is much smaller. 

As for the decoration of Christmas trees, there seems to be much in common all over the world. Because Christmas is in winter, evergreen trees are used for Christmas trees. Most of them are small palm trees, or pines, four or five feet tall, planted in large pots, covered with colorful candles or lights,Table Snowing Christmas Tree with Umbrella Base and hung with various decorations and ribbons, children's toys, and gifts from families. After decoration, put it in the corner of the living room. If placed in churches, auditoriums, or public places, Table Snowing Christmas Tree with Umbrella Basethe Christmas tree is taller, and gifts can be placed below the tree.