The Mature Application Of Bluetooth Technology In The Music Lamp Of LED Christmas Bauble Decoration Musical Lamp

- Sep 26, 2018-

LED Christmas lighting has a broad market, but it belongs to seasonal products. Most orders were placed six months ago to a year ago. That is to say, LED Christmas Bauble Decoration Musical Lamp most of the products developed by manufacturers will not appear in the terminal market until the end of next year. Therefore, product development in the field of LED Christmas lighting must adopt diversification, LED Christmas Bauble Decoration Musical Lamp novelty and low cost to meet the needs of the international market. 

The Bluetooth module includes a signal processing module and a control circuit, LED Christmas Bauble Decoration Musical Lamp which converts the wireless signal obtained from the mobile phone into an electrical signal, and the control circuit converts the electrical signal into a level pulse signal. The utility model connects the Bluetooth module of the mobile phone with the Bluetooth module of the intelligent control circuit of the utility model wirelessly, outputs trigger signals to the light mode controller remotely, and intelligently remotely controls the light mode of the Christmas color lamp, which brings convenience to the users, technical innovation highlights to the Christmas color lamp and a new selling point to the Christmas color lamp. 

The intelligent controller of an LED Christmas lamp includes an LED Christmas lamp driving power supply, an H bridge circuit, a light mode controller, a Bluetooth module, a manual button and a Bluetooth module. The driving power supply of the LED Christmas lamp connects the H bridge circuit and inputs low-voltage direct current to it; the light mode controller is connected to the H bridge circuit and inputs the light mode driving signal to it respectively. Bluetooth module and manual button are connected to receive the trigger signal from the two. The output end of H bridge circuit is connected to a double-channel LED lamp string, LED Christmas Bauble Decoration Musical Lamp and low-voltage AC square wave is output to it to control the ignition and extinction of the LED lamp string. The H bridge circuit consists of four switch transistors. The type of transistor is PNP transistor M8550 for upper transistor, NPN transistor M8050 for lower transistor, and diagonally used in H bridge.