Snowing Christmas Tree with Umbrella Base and Skirt

Snowing Christmas Tree with Umbrella Base and Skirt

210cm Christmas tree with lights and decorations, all in one set.
The circulating snow drift from the top of tree. It is best Christmas gift ever.

Product Details

electric snowing falling Christmas tree

Brief introduction:

Have different sizes:75cm,140cm,170cm,190cm,210cm.Suitable for different occasions

75CM fit on the table,The taller one is suitable for room decoration.

unique Christmas tree with umbrella base and skirt

Production introduction:

Can create a snow scene, the bottom of the umbrella can catch the snow.

The switch can adjust the size of the snow and has music

Can be simple DIY, but also reduce the volume of packaging and reduce shipping costs

LED string long enough to coil on the tree.

There are also different colors to choose.

new style artificial Christmas tree

Assembles tips:

Unfold the branches from bottom to top, and arrange them to get a good shape.

To get the best shape and appearance, it is suggested to extend each branch horizontally, to achieve good coordination between the tree profile and the umbrella-shaped snow container.

Kind reminder, please pay special attention

1. Indoor use only.

2. Please follow the Instruction manual to set up, ensure safety, fast and right assemble way.

3. All standards adaptor include UL, GS, BS, SAA, PSE, CUL, etc.

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